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Smart Buy Lending & Marketing Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since March 08, 1999.

The company expanded in 2012 and incorporated food business as part of its product line and introduced TEMPURA KING in the market. Because of its outstanding sales, the company was awarded four (4) company owned outlets in SM malls and now expanding in the metropolis.

As a way of sharing profitable business to qualified entrepreneurs, we are now accommodating franchising to afford everyone a good opportunity of managing their respective businesses and consequently enjoy the fruits of their hardwork and dedication through a profitable business income.

Deep Fried Goodness!

Japanese snacks such as tempura are making their way to the hearts and stomachs of Filipinos as familiar to our affordable yet easy tempura with a punch keeps our customers coming back for more!

Craving Satisfied!

We at TEMPURA KING have created something very special to satisfy everyone’s tempura craving at a very affordable price. Gone are those days that you have to pay hundreds of bucks for this Japan’s favorite dish, TEMPURA KING is here to accord everyone with its reasonably priced tempura items.

King in Taste!

What makes us exceptionally different are the wide selection of Asian fusion variants that you will surely enjoy. To name a few we have the salted egg variant, smoked barbecue, creamy garlic, spicy korean and a lot more. With TEMPURA KING, there’s always a burst of lusciousness with every tempura bite.


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